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SivDAC allows to integrate devices from different manufacturers by using popular and standardized communication protocols (PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP/IP) in one system. They are used, among others, to monitor electric parameters of a power grid, for comprehensive control of motors, to locate incorrect working conditions or electronic power safety devices. All the obtained data is processed and transferred to an external management system and to a local control panel installed on the distribution switchgear. Thanks to such a solution, the operator has access to independent diagnostic tools, which allow to perform:

  • supervision of the control system,

  • configuration of parameters,

  • diagnostics of electric safety devices,

  • diagnostics of motor feeders,

  • diagnostics of communication protocols,

  • access to event history,

  • access to technical documentation.


The basic functions of the system for monitoring operation of devices powered by the distribution switchgear include alarming, diagnostics and the function of reconfiguring the system.

Alarms concerning communication and archiving of messages containing information about incorrect working states of devices allows to take early actions in order to limit the number of possible stoppages caused by failures. Thanks to comprehensive diagnostics it is possible to continuously control devices in the system. This allows to determine working parameters of these devices, such as for example – working time, power consumption, failure rate, current state (on/off) etc. If during the device exploitation working conditions of a device are changed, it is possible to make changes in the device configuration to adjust its working parameters to the requirements of the installation.

SivDAC - Brochure

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