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As a company operating in the industrial automation and electrics, we are not afraid of modernization projects for existing installations and machines by adding new electric circuits or implementing modern automation diagnostics and control systems. While expanding the functionality of installations by adding new electric circuits required for modernization, we guarantee high quality of completed projects both in terms of software and documentation. The preparation of electric projects, which include the implemented modernization, is executed in accordance with detailed arrangements with the Client made at the offer stage of the project, documentation received from the Client or after conducting a detailed site inspection. We successfully implement systems for Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment (ATSE) and for controlling technological lines along with visualizations based on our own independent solutions operating on programmable controllers and operating panels from Simatic. We are also familiar with the issues of broadly understood machine safety, therefore while we prepare a project of a new or modernized installation, we implement safety devices which guarantee a high level of operation safety. Reliability of our solutions is guaranteed by using devices from tested manufacturers in the electric and industrial automation fields.

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